Ali Hassan

Empowerment of Housemaid Girls in Somaliland 2015

In Somaliland the gap between women’s and men’s literacy remains high. Many girls do not receive the opportunity to go to school due to poverty, tradition and values. When the family can not afford to pay the school fee they give priority to boys’ schooling.

In order to change this situation and increase the number of women who can read and write Soyda in cooperation with Surad Relief started a project that would improve reading, writing and numeracy skills of 90 women. We also made efforts to sensitize and raise awareness about the situation of women in the field of education and job by holding awareness raising meetings. After the project ended, 90 girls and 25 adult women developed their literacy and numeracy skills. The project’s objectives were achieved and participants’ motivation and confidence improved.

The Project was funded by Forum Syd and Surad Relief and  implemented by Somaliland Youth Development Association in Somaliland/Hargeisa.