Protection and Promotion of Housemaid

This year, we have directly and indirectly targeted 80% of the targeted audiences and the key stakeholders of the project. The feedback from individuals and institutions on the targeted sites and the results of the activities we effectively carried out during the period January to December 2021 have shown positive effects and better transformations of the right holders and rights barriers. The main results of the project we have carried out during this period include the establishment and mobilization of grassroots structures for housemaid girls, such as housemaid unions and self-help groups as networking and strengthening of these structures by providing appropriate human rights training. 

In addition, we have successfully implemented the project activities such as quarterly coordination meetings, regional conferences, training workshops, TV debates, TV messages and programs to raise media awareness involving various stakeholders. includes maids, parents, community committees, civil society organizations, self-help groups, traditional and religious leaders, and other stakeholders from government departments and institutions. 

The project has greatly increased the awareness of housemaid girls about their basic rights and reduced discrimination, exploitation, and violence against maids. The maids’ issues also become public issues that affect the most important decision-makers and opinion leaders and have resulted in reforms of policies, programs, and practices for the vulnerable housemaid girls in Somaliland, for example the Somaliland government has approved changes in Somaliland’s labor law. 

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