Housemaid Girls Union

During 2021, we established the first Housemaid Girls Union to protect housemaid girl’s rights and advance their interests. This union has increased girl’s space to participation, representation and inclusiveness by bring them to have a collective voice on issues affecting them. The union leadership, community committee, civil society organizations, self-help groups, traditional and religious leaders and other community/government stakeholders has obtained an advanced capacity building on human rights and gender-based violence through trainings, conferences, networking and coordination meetings. This has brought an attitude and behavioral change for targeted groups. We have organized public debates in Hargeisa and Buroa cities to alert the targeted groups and whole Somaliland community on the rights and issues of the housemaid girl’s in Somaliland. SOYDA through working collaboration with Surad Relief has been implementing education and human rights awareness project for the last six years funded by ForumCiv.

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