Empowerment of Housemaid Girls in Somaliland 2018-2019

In November 2017, Forum Syd granted us a project. The purpose of the project is to continue to strengthen women and girls through education. The housemaid girls in Somaliland have faced difficulties in their life which has not improved yet, in terms of their basic rights to freely study and work on jobs with good earnings. Surad Relief with collaboration of SOYDA partner conducted last two years education projects funded by Forum Syd and Surad Relief. The project named “Empowerment of housemaid girls in Somaliland”  Which has been provided the basic literacy and vocational training skills to housemaid girls in Somaliland. The projects also carried out awareness raising activities to the local community about women’s rights to education and participation in the community.

SOYDA capacitated 90 housemaid girls from suburbs of Hargeisa, by offering literacy and numeracy and 30 girls graduated from 2017 literacy and numeracy provided vocational training skills in 2018. Also, 60 girls from 2018 literacy graduated offered vocational training skills in 2019. The vocational training skills consisted of tailoring, makeup skills, cloth painting and cooking, in order to increase their ability to create own income generation. Furthermore, the project contributed to raising public awareness in gender issues in general.

The Project was funded by Forum Syd and Surad Relief and implemented by Somaliland Youth Development Association in Somaliland/Hargeisa.

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